Monument Checklist

Monument Checklist

In addition to funeral or memorial service needs, we also offer cemetery monuments that express the unique life of your loved one for generations. We offer all of the traditional shapes and styles available in a variety of granite colors.

All cemeteries have regulations regarding what style and size memorial you may place on your lots. Before spending time on a monument design, please check with your cemetery to find out any restrictions they may have.

There are many things that go into the pricing of a memorial. Some items to consider are:

  1. The style, size and material
  2. Any special add-ons such as etching, artwork, ceramic photos, and vases
  3. Foundation/setting fees
  4. Sales tax

We can help you create a personalized, unique memorial that is a reflection of your loved one and their life. This memorial is something special that will last for generations so take your time to consider all the options.

Your first steps in creating a memorial...

  • Who is the memorial for?
    •  Individual
    • Companion (Husband or Wife)
    • Family
  • Where is the memorial going?
    • Cemetery
    • Park
    • Building
    • Other
  • Are there any requirements? Regulations on style, size or finish (check with your cemetery)
    • Permit fees
    • Position of names
    • Design requirements
  • Do you have anything specific in mind?
    • General ideas and expectations
  • Your memories and reflections
    • Types of lettering, artwork, design elements you would like incorporated with your memorial?
  • Your budget expectations
    • Do you have a budget range you want to work within?
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